6 Surprising Myths About Acne Scars You Should Know
Acne Scar Treatment

6 Surprising Myths About Acne Scars You Should Know

Acne scars are so rampant that both the solutions for and myths surrounding them have skyrocketed during the past years.

Common Myths About Acne Scars

However, what you need to know is that not all you hear or read about acne scars and their treatments is true. Specifically, you shouldn’t believe these outrageous but sometimes convincing claims:

Myth 1: All Acne Scars Are the Same

Fact:  There are different types of acne scars—indented, raised, and discoloration to name a few. Because they vary in appearance, their corresponding treatments also differ.

You may be able to fade raised and hyperpigmented scars with the same treatment, but you will need a different, more advanced solution for indented ones. Knowing what type of scar you actually have can help you find and choose the most effective treatment.

Myth 2: It’s Impossible to Prevent Scars

Fact: Some will tell you that you have to wait for your acne to heal before you can do anything about the scars it so often leaves. However, that is one big fat lie. Preventing the formation of acne scars is not only possible but actually recommended.

You can prevent scars by treating the acne as soon as it breaks out. Cleanse regularly, but avoid scrubbing your skin roughly since doing so will only make your skin drier and more sensitive. Don’t randomly squeeze, pick, or pop your acne, either, and wear sunscreen to prevent further damage to your skin.

Myth 3: Tanning Can Hide Scars

Fact: Tanning is often recommended as a surefire way to hide acne scars. However, it’s not really the answer you’re looking for. For one, it’s not a long-term solution since the suggested tanning method is “fake,” which either uses body spray or UV machines. Second, the results may vary immensely based on your skin type and color.

Usually, tanning is only recommended for fair-skinned folks to even and mask the redness that make acne stand out. Finally, body sprays has chemicals that might further aggravate your acne while UV machines has a similar, if not worse, effects to the skin as the sun. Both may eventually make your scars more pronounced and waste the effort and money you have invested on them. If you really want to care for your skin, then you should avoid tanning at all costs.

Myth 4: More Acne Creams Is Better

Fact:  With so many acne creams and serums available in the market, some think that piling one on top of the other will quicken the scars’ healing process. That isn’t true. While most of them contain a number of similar ingredients, they come in different amounts and may react negatively to each other.

To really see if an acne solution is effective, give it ample time to work its way on your skin. If you have finished the tube, tub, or bottle but have gotten no visible result, then you can begin anew with another product.

Myth 5: Surgery Is the Only Real Solution

Fact: Acne scars can look so bad that you will end up thinking that surgery is the only thing that can save you. However, that isn’t true. As mentioned earlier, acne comes in different forms and sizes.

Yes acne scars suck (simple as that) but the truth is that, your scars may be cured by simple home remedies and over-the-counter treatments. If you’re in doubt, consult with a dermatologist to know more about your scars and your options.

Myth 6: There’s the “One” Acne Scar Treatment

Fact:  No matter how great an acne scar product is and regardless of how many positive reviews it has received, it might still not work for you. Remember that we have different skin types and observe different lifestyles.

So while you may be enticed to try the most talked about product in the market, don’t think that it will work perfectly for you. Always give it some leeway, and move on to another product if it doesn’t prove effective for you.

Acne scars often deal a great blow to our appearance and our confidence. Don’t let them stay with you forever. Remember these 6 myths about acne scars above, and get on your way to finding the perfect scar treatment for you.

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