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acne spots and what they mean

The Scoop on Acne Spots and What They Mean
Acne Scar Treatment

The Scoop on Acne Spots and What They Mean

Battling multiple acne breakouts is hard enough, but dealing with the embarrassing spots and blemishes that acne leaves behind is another one. When breakouts finally clear up, normally another problem surfaces: Acne Scarring.  When this happens, it leaves most people wondering…what exactly acne spots are? In this article, we’re giving you the lowdown on acne spots and what they mean. Acne Spots and What they Mean…   Acne spots are the dark marks left behind from acne breakouts, acne that isn’t treated fast enough and inflammatory acne like cystic acne.  The reddish or brownish spots that are left behind from acne are referred to medically as hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation is a condition that causes your skin to become darker in color than your normal skin. What causes acne spots to form…exactly? When acne spots and blemishes crop up on your skin, it simply means that your skin is trying to heal from infected or […]

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