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How to Make a Ginger Face Mask for Acne Scar Removal
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How to Make a Ginger Face Mask for Acne Scar Removal

  Have you heard about the amazing benefits of using ginger for acne scar removal? Despite the fact ginger is normally used for cooking, it is known to work wonders as a natural remedy that is used to treat dark spots, fading acne scars and a host of medical issues that include: Muscle problems Digestive problems Motion Sickness Knee pain Why use ginger for acne scars? Ginger is used to treat acne scars because of the natural anti-inflammatory elements it contains that helps reduce inflamed acne (like cystic acne). There are two ways to use ginger for acne scar removal:   As a mask, and secondly for spot treatment. Ginger Face Mask Instructions (Please note: this face mask is not recommended for persons with sensitive skin) Here is what you will need: Fresh Ginger root Water Blender or food processor Directions for Creating Mask  Wash your ginger and then peel […]

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