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Oatmeal Face Mask for Acne & Scar Treatment
DIY Face Mask

Oatmeal Face Mask for Acne & Scar Treatment

Oatmeal is used for much more than just breakfast food. Since 2000 B.C. oatmeal has been used to heal and treat all types of skin conditions.  As quoted in an article by from NYC Dermatologist Amy Weschsler, oatmeal is great for your skin for the following reasons: To naturally moisturize and keep your skin to keep it hydrated, softer and firmer Oatmeal contains natural cleansing agents that will keep your pores unclogged To prevent and treat dry and itchy skin To preserve the natural protective barrier that prevents harsh chemicals from penetrating your skin To restore your skins natural pH What else does oatmeal treat? In addition to combating acne related skin conditions, the oats in oatmeal are very effective in treating other problems such as poison ivy, diaper rash and chicken pox.  In fact, the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties found in oatmeal are one of the main ingredients […]

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