The 10 Step Guide to Fading Acne Scars
Acne Scar Treatment

The 10 Step Guide to Fading Acne Scars

Struggling to get rid of acne scars and spots? If so, this 10-Step Guide and overview is a must-read.  This is a simple step-by-step process and practical guide that you can follow to treat your acne and speed up the process of fading acne scars.



1.  Always start this process with a fresh and clean palette. This means that you should remove any makeup and other products that you have applied to your skin.


2.  Wash your face with gentle (non-comdogenic) or pH balanced cleansers specially formulated for acne.  You don’t want to use products that will strip your skin of its natural oils and cause over drying.


3.  Exfoliate to remove dead skin. For blemished skin, exfoliation is one of the essential. Exfoliating helps clear away dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to give you a more youthful appearance. It can also help you clear acne scars quickly with visible results just a few days.  If you want an all-in-one solution for cleansing and exfoliation, consider using an exfoliating cleanser. This product offers the benefits of a cleanser and exfoliant by removing dirt and oil from your skin, while combating blemishes


4.  Use facial scrubs and masks to smooth the texture of your skin. Facial scrubs and masks will help soften your skin and reduce discoloration. Because acne scars tend to have rougher texture than your normal skin, using natural facial masks can help restore and balance your skins texture.


5.  Use a facial toner. Toners are an additional must-have skin care essential for individuals with blemished skin.  A great toner is effective in shrinking clogged pores and offers an extra layer of cleansing to the skin.  Additionally toners help brighten your skin and minimize the appearance of scarring over the long term.


6.  Moisturize your skin every day. Moisturizing your skin (ideally with an SPF 15+ moisturizer) helps keep it smoother, softer and more hydrated.


7.  Use oils to nourish your skin. Two products that can help nourish the skin are olive oil and coconut oil. Olive Oil is jam packed with vitamins and nutrients for fading acne scars.  Likewise, Coconut Oil is is an ingredient used in a ton of beauty products and is super rich in anti-oxidants.


8.  Spot treat your acne scars and blemishes. Use natural remedies or organic drugstore products that contain natural skin lighteners to speed up the process of fading your acne scars.  If you find spot treatment to be ineffective, consider using a microdermabrasion kit to provide better and more effective scar reduction and treatment for your skin. 


9.  Patience goes a long way. As the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  Be patient with yourself and know that reducing acne scarring takes time.


10.  Maintain a daily skin care regimen. A daily skin care regimen is essential to keeping your acne under control, preventing acne scarring and treatment of your existing scars.


Remember, effective acne scar treatment begins with sticking to a daily skin care regimen, using the best skin care products and treatment to reduce the appearance of your scars and finally–patience. 

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