Tips on How to Fade Acne Scars & Spots

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Hello there beautiful and Welcome!  How to Fade Acne Scars
If you are suffering from acne scars, dark spots, age spots or blemishes and want to find ways to improve your skins appearance — you have come to the right place.
Here you will find information, resources and tips on how to fade acne scars, get access to a great list of essential list of diy face masks used to treat acne spots, and also an excellent list of products that can be used to reduce scarring and get the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

Learn How to Fade Acne Scars with these Must-Read Articles

Lets face it, acne scars can leave you feeling embarrassed, depressed, less self-confident, and very self conscious. Whats worse is that acne scarring is more difficult to treat than the acne itself!
Fortunately, with the continuous advancement of science and medicine, there are a variety of acne scar treatment and acne scar removal products available that are inexpensive and even natural remedies that you can use to minimize and eliminate them.
Browse my collection of articles to learn ways that you can fade and treat your acne scars.

Must-Read Articles

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What are the Most Common Types of Acne Scars?

Here is an astonishing fact: acne scarring impacts more than 40 percent of adolescents!
In order for you to be successful at removing your acne scars, you will first need to know what kind of scars you have to treat them effectively.
As a general note, it is recommended that before using any acne scar removal treatments that you consult a dermatologist as some products may have an adverse reaction to your skin.

How to Remove Acne Scars3 of the Most Common Types of Acne Scars

Acne scars can appear in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  Because of these variations, you should choose the treatment that is the best fit for your skins needs.
Here are the 3 most common types of acne scars:

  • Discoloration and pigmentation scars – known to cause red and dark spots
  • Pitted Scars – Normally cause depressions and “pits”
  • Raised Scars – These include keloids and hyper- trophic scars that are caused by excessive scar tissue

Check out this post to get additional information about the different types of acne scars and spots that damage the skin and the best treatment options for them.

Five Main Causes of Acne Scarring & Spots

Even with the best skin care regimen and acne treatments, acne scarring can still happen. Some of the main causes of dark spots and acne scars are:

  1. Cystic Acne and Nodules that damage the skin
  2. Picking or squeezing your acne
  3. Genetics
  4. Not treating inflammatory acne fast enough
  5. Scars from acne that takes a long time to heal

Just know this:  Preventative treatment and following a daily skincare regimen are essential steps that you will need to take to get better results with using acne scar treatment products and solutions.

Common Products and Treatments Used to Eliminate Acne Scars

The truth of the matter is this: Most of the time, getting rid of acne scars can actually be tougher than treating acne itself.
The good news is that there are a host of products on the market that are very effective in fading acne scars and spots and even stopping acne before it starts.
The most common forms of treatment are as follows:
Chemical Peels – (such as glycolic acid peels) are chemicals applied to your skin to peel off old skin to make way for newer skin. chemical peels are very effective for fading acne scars and reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Treatments – are very popular procedures performed by doctors to treat deep acne scars by physically “sanding” and scraping off layers of skin. This treatment is pretty expensive and will require you to take off from work or school for recovery.

Micro-dermabrasion – if you have lighter and milder acne scarring, a microdermabrasion kit can be used to treat them.  This procedure is less invasive and expensive than dermabrasion and does not require a lengthy recovery period.

Laser resurfacing – is a process that requires the use of a laser to burn off dead skin cells for to fade acne scars faster.

Organic Vitamin C Dark Spot CorrectorDark spot correctors – are creams and serums (that can you can purchase from drugstores or online) to fade acne blemishes and dark spots.

Collagen injections – collagen is injected underneath your acne scars to raise them to the level of your surrounding skin to restore its normal appearance. Because collagen will eventually break down, this scar treatment has to be repeated over time.

Natural Remedies – believe it or not, there are several home remedies that you can use to fade acne scars. Some of these natural remedies include facial masks, scrubs, and spot treatment.  Two of the most popular natural products used to remove scars are lemon and aloe vera.

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